Unscrambl DRIVE™ is an on-premise next generation enterprise Marketing Automation Product. Built for marketers, Unscrambl DRIVE™ enables marketing teams to plan and manage the customer lifecycle end-to-end, and deliver personalized campaigns quickly moving from micro segments to a segment of one. Easy to use, it drives marketing innovation through rapid prototyping and delivers quick ROI.

Unscrambl DRIVE™ is powered by Unscrambl OXYGEN™ - a streaming analytics platform which takes the best ideas around programmability, scalability, flexibility and dynamic adaptation into a single stream processing engine. In addition, Unscrambl DRIVE™ is steered by Unscrambl BRAIN™ that lends its unique cognitive intelligence with efficient time-series based memory, rich profiling and predictive capabilities.

Real-time Big Data Streaming Platform

"Never confuse motion with action."
- Benjamin Franklin
OXYGEN is our scalable, distributed stream processing platform with a flexible and easy-to-use application development interface. It allows the development and deployment of applications that can take streaming data about customer activities and other environmental events from a variety of sources, enrich these with various historical and reference data sets, and provide the base for performing a variety of analytics. It is all the infrastructure you will ever need to start surfing the Big Data wave.
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Real-time Analytics Engine


BRAIN is the cognitive mastermind behind DRIVE. It is a real-time analytics engine that is designed to see patterns, find anomalies, reflect on insights, generate ideas, remember, recall, juxtapose, contrast, predict and learn – all the time, in real-time. It is powered by three cutting-edge components.
  • Fast-Past
  • Pin Point
  • Foresee
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Real-time Big Data Streaming Platform

Motion is not necessarily action.

The key goal of stream processing is not just to process incoming data in real-time, but to take real-time actions. To that end, the 3 key elements of a stream processing platform that enable real-time actions are : Programmability, Performance and Plasticity. The co-founders of Unscrambl, who together have 40+ years and 100+ deployments of stream processing experience, took these elements as the foundational pillars of a new stream processing platform called Unscrambl OXYGEN™.

Programmability implies the support for rapid prototyping and application development, allowing you to turn ideas into code into action. Performance is measured in terms of throughput and latency, enabling you to start from handling data of 1 customer to handling data of a billion customers. Plasticity is the ability to keep adapting, transforming and evolving oneself, and most importantly, to keep running in the face of changing data, changing requirements and changing environments.

Applications on OXYGEN continuously and simultaneously process a wide variety of structured and unstructured data sources, convert them into a canonical format, apply a variety of analytics on them and take action on this data in real-time. These applications can be written in a variety of languages, with prime support for Python, which ensures minimal turn around time when it comes to coding for updates and future developments. There is in-built support for fault-tolerance and reliability, and the ability to incorporate new code modules into running applications in a seamless fashion.

All this means better quality decisions and quicker actions, at the time they matter most.

Like in life, OXYGEN is free. No sign up fees. No renewals. In fact we are making it open, to drive innovation. Stay tuned.

Real-time Analytics Engine

BRAIN is the cognitive mastermind behind DRIVE. It is a real-time analytics engine that is designed to see patterns, find anomalies, reflect on insights, generate ideas, remember, recall, juxtapose, contrast, predict and learn – all the time, in real-time. It is powered by three cutting-edge components.
Fast Past
"Time and memory are true artists; they remould reality nearer to the heart's desire."
- John Dewey
The human mind is great at balancing the need to remember everything with the need to retrieve, quickly, the most important details about the most important events, while filtering out the irrelevant noise. It has a short-term and long-term memory, and remembers different events at different points of time with different levels of precision.

Past data and trends are a great help for decisions, but if it takes two days to get them from data warehouse, it’s criminally slow. Real-time can’t wait. That’s why the BRAIN simply bypasses the data warehouse to get the past trends, thanks to Unscrambl FASTPAST™. 

FASTPAST is DRIVE's memory, that automatically summarizes and aggregates information about events over different scales of time, and makes them readily available for analytics. Think of a data metric that matters. FASTPAST will have it ready, already.
Pin Point
"The higher your profile, the more people want you."
- Peter Capaldi, Doctor Who
Companies have long gathered data to break down their customer base into specific segments. The end-game is to narrow down to a segment of one. This involves becoming adept at micro-targeting, using data on calling patterns, locations visited, websites browsed, purchases made, and so on, in order to pinpoint likely customers and the offer that is most likely to win them over.

Unscrambl PINPOINT™ integrates the data from all the available sources to build a rich profile for each entity. The entity can be a customer/subscriber, device, location or any other object. Each entity is associated with a set of features [base, derived, predicted, real-time etc.] that are monitored and updated in real-time from one or more streaming and static sources. It uses these rich inputs for building campaigns and offers, which are relevant to that entity. These features can come from FASTPAST too. Most importantly, PINPOINT has a pre-packaged set of features for various domains, enabling companies to start building rich profiles of their customers from day 1. 
Fore See
" The best way to predict the future is to study the past, or prognosticate."
- Robert Kiyosaki
While we don't want to rely on prognostication or prophesizing to predict the future, we definitely believe that the future is shaped by trends that are now existent and observable. Unscrambl FORESEE™ is our statistical and machine learning framework that specializes in real-time pattern and anomaly detection, and real-time prediction. It can make use of models built using other big data platforms and tools, or can learn models on the fly using streaming data. FORESEE starts building the connections and correlations between each cause and effect from the day it starts consuming the streaming data. And as more and more data flows through the streaming platform, FORESEE is able to learn more and predict better. As the data gets streamed and more initiatives are run, FORESEE is able to make multiple connections between the stimulus and response, thus strengthening the accuracy of the predictions.

The Unscrambl DRIVE™ Advantage

DRIVE is a marketer’s delight. Say goodbye to batch campaigns and stagnant predictive models. No longer does the marketing team have to wait for days to get data extracts from the warehouse. DRIVE has been designed keeping in mind that its users are business and marketing teams. With an intuitive GUI and marketing terminology, DRIVE aids marketing teams in making campaigns more relevant and context driven. Algorithms run on streaming datasets and always stay current. It lets you reach your customers in their moments of intent – based on their past, current and predicted behavior. Personalized offers can be sent out in real time, thereby significantly enhancing customer experience and increasing Campaign ROI.

DRIVE is the technology team’s utopia. It is driven by a robust technology platform that can easily scale as the organizational data grows. It requires commodity hardware, integrates into the existing environment and leverages both new and legacy systems. Unscrambl offers DRIVE with both Opex and Capex options, giving the technology team the flexibility to manage its financial budgets in a very competitive environment.

So go ahead and discover the limitless possibilities of real-time marketing. Delight yourself with incredible insights. Empower yourself with DRIVE.

Deeper insights. Sharper marketing campaigns. Higher ROI. A win-win proposition.

Marketing Automation Product

Real-time customer insights. Real business impact.

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Unscrambl: Big Data. Evolving Insights.

Unscrambl is a technology platform and products company headquartered in Georgia, USA. We are developing next generation streaming analytics products across different industries such as Telecommunications, Healthcare and Banking that accelerate the delivery of analytics on Big Data platforms.

As enterprises tread down the Big Data highway, they are keenly interested in uncovering actionable as well as surprising insights from it. The traditional way of accessing Big Data is by querying it or visualizing it in different forms. This is limited to the degree that you have to figure out what you are looking for before you find the answer.

At Unscrambl, we take the next leap. We are building a platform that will automatically analyze your Big Data to serendipitously discover insights. The core premise of our products is simple : Data meets Analytics to create Insights. The main question is: what kind of Data and what kind of Analytics will give you what kind of Insights? The key innovation of Unscrambl is our streaming platform Unscrambl OXYGEN™ and our real time analytics engine Unscrambl BRAIN™ that together automatically apply relevant analytics to the right data to create insights. Depending on the quality and usefulness of the insights, we can further dig deeper and refine these insights or explore new data and analytic combinations.

Behind the platform and the product, is a deep-rooted Unscrambl promise.
Getting started on Big Data has never been simpler.


We’re committed to making business simpler and transparent. Increasingly we see enterprises opting for Opex models. Whether Opex or Capex, we minimize the time to go through long evaluation cycles and approvals and offer complete transparency in pricing. Forget the bureaucracy. Get started on big data.


Yes, that’s all we take to get up and running. The product comes pre-loaded with a ready-to-go set of input adapters, event triggers, predictive models, campaigns and dashboards that will allow a marketing team to go from campaign idea to execution in 12 weeks flat!


When you work with Unscrambl, you work with a team that has rich experience in the telecommunications industry, with deep understanding of telecommunications data sources and analytics for a variety of use-cases including mediation, marketing, customer care, device management and data monetization. We will work with you to make you successful!


All of DRIVE's components are built in an extremely modular fashion, allowing you to rapidly plug and play different pieces of the puzzle, including different predictive models to dashboard widgets to parsing and ingestion logic to trigger packs. This means that DRIVE evolves as you evolve, and maybe even you can evolve as DRIVE evolves!

The Founding Team

Vihor Kumar
VIBHORE KUMAR Chief Executive Officer
Henrique C M Andrade
HENRIQUE C. M. ANDRADE Chief Technology Officer
Niket Vidya
NIKET VAIDYA Vice President - Sales & Marketing
Anand Ranganathan
ANAND RANGANATHANVice President - Solutions
Bugra Gedik
BUGRA GEDIKVice President - Engineering
DRIVE is just the beginning of our product journey. We are working on developing
path-breaking solutions across other industries like healthcare and banking,
where real-time interventions are likely to be the order of the day.

Take your marketing to the next level.

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